Why not take a daily vacation? You deserve it!

Amato We all deserve a break, need to recharge, unwind and relax from the constant stresses of our daily grind. To “get away from it all” and to escape the reality and search for happiness; we all take vacations. We justify the expense as a “NEED”, because it has become socially acceptable and commonplace to take time off work, spend the majority of our savings, hop on a plane, and travel half way around the world in hopes of briefly achieving the mental and physical solace which vacations temporarily offer.

Pacora And for the time being, while on vacation we do reach the yearned for state of nirvana but the effect wears off the minute we board our return flight….as we travel back to reality. The bliss of our vacation quickly dissolves to merely a memory and we start the process all over again almost instantly: planning and saving for the next vacation. We get caught up in the never-ending cycle of vacationing; needing to work to pay for the next vacation, and taking the next vacation. We often don’t even flinch when spending thousands of dollars on plane tickets, all-inclusive resorts, and travel half way around the world to try and find harmony.  

With vacations there is always a sense of urgency, we impulsively splurge on the conceptual immediate gratification with no long-term effects. Meanwhile within our own home, where we wake up to start every day and where we return after each hectic day; we often just make do; budgeting and saying things like “maybe in ten years we will put in the kitchen of our dreams”, and “this bathroom will do for now”, or “I’d like to change it but until we can this is fine”—We live with what we have, often neglecting our wants and our needs on the basis that this is what we can afford.

We think nothing of splurging on a “well-deserved” vacation for a short break from our everyday stresses, but when it comes to investing in our everyday well-being we can come up with a million excuses why this is not the time. Why is it that we don’t take the time or effort to even consider our everyday solace?  What if we could retreat every night in our own homes for some daily recharging and unwinding? In all honesty, a well thought out room can do exactly that! There is an emotionally elevating effect that occurs when you step into a room that makes you feel good; a room which your soul loves.

If you love it, you should live it. Whether it is simply a throw pillow you thought was endearing, a scented candle which when lit transcends you to a tropical paradise, a photo that makes you smile, a spacious kitchen for entertaining or a deep Jacuzzi tub you’ve always dreamed of…you deserve it! Decorating is an emotionally driven decision and once you decide you deserve it, and go for it…the satisfaction is truly limitless. Instead of frivolously gallivanting all over the globe in search of relaxation and rejuvenation CREATE your own oasis within the walls of your own home, somewhere you can become free from your tensions and anxiety DAILY! We are always able to find reasons why not to renovate, or why to put things that are for our own benefit off until a later date, but when it comes to vacations the impulse to splurge wins and we take the leap without thinking. We invest in our immediate happiness and forget about long-term enjoyment. Why not spend your hard earned money on something you will be able to enjoy and experience its gratification every day!?

A survey released a few years ago found that the average family spends 175 hours a month in the kitchen, almost half of our waking hours. In its 2010 survey, the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence found that 30 percent of adults considered their kitchen the center of activity in the home. Initially these statistics seem extreme, but with further thought it does make sense—there is a lot in life to celebrate; it is our nature to celebrate with food and over shared meals! The kitchen is at the core of our celebrations; food is comfort, food is memory, food has so many intimate connections to our lives – aside from the most obvious which is that we need it to, well, live.  A kitchen is the heart of any home; a place where the family gathers, where we entertain, and a place where we can plan and ponder the day to come over a morning cup of coffee.  This time should be pleasant.  A kitchen with the perfect balance of functionality and design can make the time spent much more enjoyable.  

Another room in which we spend a significant amount of our time in is the bathroom—often out of necessity. No home is complete without the perfect bathroom. You can make the mornings’ rush easier and the evenings’ bath more relaxing with an elegant custom bathroom. A custom built bathroom vanity can add elegance and style to any bathroom—the perfect haven for your needs.  Or soak away the day in a spa-like bathroom. Whether you dream of a complete vanity with double sinks and shelving or a smaller unit to corral the seemingly endless supply of bath products—your desires can be met with little investment.

In life it truly is the little things that matter; a well-organized closet can solve the perpetual problem of having nothing to wear, a luxe-looking laundry room may make daily chores more pleasurable, if you enjoy unwinding with the latest episodes of your favourite TV drama, an entertainment and media centre which showcases your new home theatre system may be ideal, an organized office space can inspire creativity and induce productivity, a de-cluttered mudroom can make you exhale and the weight lifted off your shoulders as you step into your home, and an elegant custom bar can add sophistication and style to any home offering the perfect place for entertaining your friends and loved ones.

Vacations are good while on them, but the emotional highs or that relaxed feeling you experience at the end of it all, may not last into the following week, or even into the following day—don’t  buy for now, buy for the future!  When purchasing things for your home, a question that always prevails is: Do I deserve it? I guarantee the answer is undoubtedly “YES”! From personal experience, I can say without hesitation that the emotional satisfaction that you feel when you enter a room that makes you feel good doesn’t wear off until the room is worn out. This is your home, your cabinetry, have it the way you want it. There is no need to compromise when you can simply customize! Let Kitchen Creations help you “Live the everyday in necessary luxury”!

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